Mar 06

The Number One Skill

There’s no doubt that people have a lot of misconceptions about the direct selling industry, as is the case with most things, I guess.  What’s amazing to me is that those within the industry have ideas and thoughts that that are off target as well.  For example, if I asked you what the number one skill is to master in this business, what would be your response?

Many would answer, well of course, you have to be a good salesperson. Others would say it’s the ability to communicate. Still others would say it’s the power of persuasion.  I’d likely get dozens of answers.  The fact is, the skills I just mentioned are definitely significant, but the most important one is not only the key to our business, but it’s a key to unlocking a lot of progress in your personal life.  It’s the ability to make friends; to build relationships.  While that sounds hackneyed, I can assure you that if you are talented in nurturing and maintaining relationships, you’ve got the hardest part of building a team licked.

When you got started, your upline or mentor asked you to assemble a list of people to call about your opportunity.  How big was your list?  Some people come up with 200 names; others only 20; and some even fewer than that. What’s the variable? It’s a function of how excited you are and how fearless you are.  Some will be timid and have a small list and some have a huge vision and huge passion and will therefore create a long list of people who could be potential business partners and/or product users.  Now, I don’t want to have a debate with you about whether you should call your friends or family about your business. I’m just here to tell you that the size of the list doesn’t matter….at first.  What matters is that you add to it every day.  What really matters is that you continually meet people and build new relationships.

You don’t meet that many people, you say? If I was going to pay you 10 dollars for every new person you meet this week, how many could you add to your list?  Exactly my point.  It’s all a matter of your motivation.  If you truly wanted to, could you meet two new people today?  Of course you could and if you did that every day of the work week, that’s 520 new people you could add to your list every year!  Think about it…only two a day.  With the amount of social media in our world today, you could accomplish without ever leaving your home! Perhaps not all of those people are prospects for you right away.  They may or may not be.  Your main purpose is merely to reconnect with people and/or get to know others.  Once you do, you can determine how you bring up your opportunity.  More on that later.

I took some time to watch Joel Osteen today and he had some sound advice for us about expanding one’s vision.  If you’re having a hard time understanding this post today, chances are, you need to expand your vision, especially the vision you have for your business.  In an effort to help you with this, my next several posts are going to be dedicated to giving you tips on how you can expand your influence and your reach.

But I need you to do one thing first. I want you to think about how badly you want to achieve your goals.  How committed are you? Will you do whatever it takes? Once you answer those questions, all of my posts will have much greater value.



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